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Remembering Guy Grater

May 23rd, 2016 | posted in Events, News

Guy Grater, our friend and Cardinal Engineering colleague died suddenly and unexpectedly from an apparent heart attack on May 20, 2016 at the age of 53.  He was a great person and personality, always cheerful and full of life, and never let anything deter him from his goals.  He could operate or repair anything, was active and engaged, and loved his family, his work, and his sports, especially fishing and crabbing.

Some of us at Cardinal worked with Guy for many years, in government and industry, and witnessed his growth as an engineer, technologist and manager, always succeeding and rising to leadership positions by his obvious capability and drive.  He was a big part of the company’s success since he joined us in October of 2013, securing new work on the Railgun program, and accounting for growth that resulted in the hiring of some wonderfully talented engineers in Bryan Bupp and Gunner Sanders.

Guy leaves a legacy of technical leadership that will continue to be a source of personal and professional achievement for those of us fortunate enough to have worked with and for him.  More importantly, he provided a template of optimism and a zest for life that we cannot help but try to emulate to honor his memory.

We pray for peace and comfort for his wife Cindy, his daughter Kristen and their extended family and friends. They will remain a part of the Cardinal Engineering family, and Guy’s time amongst us will have an everlasting imprint on who we are.