About Us

Cardinal Engineering, a small business headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, provides a broad range of engineering services in the marine domain to government and commercial clients.  Founded in 2010, Cardinal is home to engineers and technology professionals who have spent their careers immersed in all aspects of engineering for systems applications in the ocean.  Our consistent growth is attributable to our ability to attract and retain talented employees, and to strong, long term customer relationships – many spanning decades.  In addition to our headquarters, we have an office located in Washington, D.C., adjacent to the Washington Navy Yard.

Cardinal’s overarching business premise is to provide independent, honest-broker assessments which empower decision makers through the innovative and cost-effective application of advanced technologies.  Our corporate mission is to:

  • provide superior, reliable, innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions;
  • deliver unbiased technical expertise;
  • build and maintain long term relationships based on excellence and dependability; and
  • apply scientific and engineering expertise to programs of national importance.

Cardinal Engineering delivers services which adhere to a focused internal Quality Management System (QMS), facilitated by a lean management structure where decisions are made promptly.  Founded on a project management philosophy where employees performing the tasks are empowered with the authority and resources to manage their own projects, and marked by frequent, direct, and efficient communication with our clients, our QMS has demonstrated its value through the best possible metric:  customers and programs that seek and maintain a long-term partnership with Cardinal Engineering.

Whether assessing and validating critical requirements, developing technology solutions, or leading multi-disciplinary product and process teams, Cardinal is providing critical technical expertise to programs important to our country’s future, informing technology decisions that ensure the nation’s security.