Advanced Processing

Signal Processing

Developing and transitioning leading edge algorithms into operation where performance and reliability are an absolute requirement is part of our DNA. From signal and sensor modeling to beamforming, detection, and localization processing, Cardinal’s engineers have developed critical processing advances in challenging low SNR environments for the Navy for more than 25 years.

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Image & Video Processing

Cardinal’s engineers have spent decades advancing state of the art image and video processing for infotainment, video surveillance, biometrics, and many other domains. Our expertise includes acquisition, compression, distribution, processing and recording, which enables our engineers to design full solutions or integrate specialized processing blocks into existing systems for commercial and DoD partners.

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As everything we own gets smarter, more processing is required across the board, from edge devices to cloud computing. And while processor performance continues to increase, so does the complexity of the algorithms we run on them. All this while we continue to drive down the size, weight, and power. One way to do more with less is to use less to do more. As developers and implementers of advanced algorithms for more than 25 years, squeezing more into less is what we do.

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