Image and Video Processing

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

From Polaroids and Super 8 movies to today’s smart phones, the volume of images and video and how we access and distribute them has changed dramatically. From carrying a “wallet size” picture of your family to having thousands of images and videos in your hand has made imagery an integral part of everything we do and how we communicate. This has resulted in new technologies for storing, distributing, and transmitting imagery, generating a fresh focus on extracting useful information from a sea of imagery.

Cardinal engineers have been innovators in this area for almost two decades… demonstrating real-time wireless video between handheld devices in early 2000, when people questioned who would ever want to face time or watch a movie on such a small screen…. and rethinking how iris images are acquired and processed to transition iris biometrics from the lab into the hands of millions of users.

Cardinal’s engineers are experienced working with challenging imagery, providing sensor selection and optics, algorithm design and optimization… and then transitioning complete solutions to commercial and DoD customers. We have the experience to balance latency, compression artifacts, processing loads, and bandwidths throughout the system to create solutions that are fast and reliable.