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Design and Development

Great software starts with a clear understanding of what’s needed today, how those needs may evolve, and an appreciation for how it will be maintained over the life cycle. At Cardinal we consider the entire software life cycle during design because good software design is more than just getting something to work, it’s getting something that can endure the inevitable changes to come. This life cycle approach to design has been instrumental in our ability to consistently meet customer development schedules, performance expectations, and maintainability goals.

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The growing computation power in today’s computers has enabled us to study, model, and simulate increasingly complicated problems. These capabilities are beginning to change the way we design products and conduct business. With more than three decades of experience in the design and development of computationally complex analysis, modeling and simulation, and operational processing software, Cardinal engineers provide efficient software that optimizes performance on today’s processors while positioning it for the transition to tomorrow’s technologies.

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Everything we own is getting smarter. Whether it’s your thermostat, doorbell, or safety systems in your car, secure embedded systems at the right cost and performance point are at the heart of accomplishing this. At Cardinal our engineers have developed numerous embedded systems and software for hand help devices, commercial products and defense applications. From processor selection, hardware design and code optimization to device security and qualification, we provide comprehensive capabilities and experience in embedded system design and development.

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Access to and the sharing of information has transformed how we do business and how we live. From purchasing and financial management to equipment control and monitoring, enterprise level systems have formed the core of how we conduct business today. At Cardinal, our engineers have applied their expertise in database development, web technologies, open systems, and software design in the development of enterprise systems across a wide range of applications including modeling, identity management, corporate project and risk management, and other digital engineering applications.

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