Cardinal Engineering’s breadth and depth of experience in structural analysis is sought out by government agencies and commercial organizations alike.

Cardinal Engineering is a 13 year-old company with hundreds of years of combined experience in ship and marine structures design and analysis. Cardinal literally helped write the book on U.S. Navy submarine structural requirements and design guidance, and our team has been on the leading edge of structures, materials, and manufacturing technology research for decades.

submarine at dock with scaffolding around it

Structural Design and Analysis

Optimized structural performance is a balancing act. Strength, stiffness, materials, fatigue, damage tolerance, corrosion, thermal performance, and weight – all have competing roles in the overall design of the structural system. The Cardinal team is succeeding at balancing these scales for our US Navy partners, shipyard customers, technology researchers, and commercial platform designers. From the surface and submarine fleets, to marine energy research, Cardinal Engineering will do more than just keep your platforms afloat.

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two welders working with sparks

Manufacturing Support

Advanced designs must clear a lot of hurdles to go from paper to pier-side. Cardinal Engineers have been providing manufacturing oversight for our US Navy partners on critical programs for years, ensuring compliance and quality on the part of commercial vendors. Cardinal is also helping to shape the future of manufacturing technology, finding new ways to drive efficiency for all stakeholders.

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