Structural Design and Analysis

From Informing Technology Decisions to Pioneering New Processes and Methods

Computational Mechanics

Cardinal Engineering can bring the right tools to bear on any structural analysis – from linear static finite element analysis, to highly dynamic structural response with hydrocode solvers, to fatigue and crack growth evaluation. With this level of insight, Cardinal can fine tune design features, or provide clean sheet designs for entire platforms.

Advanced Materials Research

Cardinal team members have been at the forefront of composite material applications in marine structures for decades. After conducting years-long research programs, validated with extensive testing and analysis, our engineers authored U.S. Navy design guidance for structural design practices and analytical methods for both surface ships and submarines. When the U.S. Navy wants to use composite materials, they trust our engineers to help them do it.

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Specification Development & Compliance

When the U.S. Navy wanted to revise their design requirements and specifications for submarine structures, they came to Cardinal for help. Cardinal’s comprehensive understanding of structural specifications and requirements has allowed us to become a valuable partner in multiple submarine programs, conducting reviews of structural substantiations and providing guidance to the U.S. Navy as subject matter experts (SMEs).