Systems Engineering

Determining what a system needs to do and how users will interact with it can be harder than it sounds but is critical to a successful result. From concept of operations and system capabilities to architecture and performance, Cardinal’s multidisciplinary engineering team provides a broad range of systems engineering capabilities with decades of experience on DOD systems and platforms as well as commercial products.

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Prototyping is a critical element in the development of successful systems and capabilities. From refining the concept of operation and maturing the technology to obtaining early end user feedback, rapid prototyping reduces risk and results in better products. Cardinal engineers have the tools, processes, and experience to design, develop and fabricate prototype products and systems for the defense and commercial markets.

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Design and Development

System design requires navigating a complex trade space to arrive at a system that not only meets the intended needs but can be produced in the allotted time and budget at the target production price. With an experienced multidisciplinary team, Cardinal provides a holistic approach to system design, decomposition, interface definition and the allocation of functionality to minimize the risk to a successful outcome.

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Integration and Test

Developing an approach to integration and testing is part of system design, and a critical element throughout system development. Capabilities are often realized through the incremental integration of many system elements, therefore, testing starts with the most granular element of the system. From test planning and execution, to automated testing and issue tracking, Cardinal engineers have been supporting laboratory and operational testing of products, systems, and platforms for the DOD and commercial applications for more than 30 years.

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