Design and Development

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” —Steve Jobs

Striking a Balance

From technology selection and architecture definition to interfaces, and the allocation of capabilities, exploring the design trade space and understanding the risks and benefits of the alternatives is an essential part of a good design. Cardinal’s strengths in system design are rooted in just that.

Our multidisciplinary team’s history of innovation and breadth of technical experience enables us to efficiently explore identify and evaluate candidate design approaches. Using open systems design principles and a focus on the full lifecyle, we provide designs that can be incrementally developed and easily changed to support evolving operational needs and technology improvements.

stones balancing on top of another stone on a beach

An Incremental Approach is Essential

An incremental approach to development and integration is essential to retire risk early and successfully meet operational needs and program cost and schedule objectives. Through the development and integration of selected components and interfaces, incremental system capabilities can be provided for test and end user evaluation early and often. Cardinal engineers have refined and successfully applied this methodology to a wide range of DOD and commercial systems for more than 20 years.