Prototyping transitions an idea from theory to practice.

A vital element of system or product development is identifying and managing risk. One key tool in addressing technical risk is prototyping. Whether to assess technical feasibility, product functionality, manufacturability, or operability, prototypes provide essential insight and feedback in the product development cycle. Rapid innovations in additive manufacturing and other rapid prototyping techniques have increased the practicality and use of prototyping.

The identification, mitigation, and retirement of risk is a principal part of our system approach. From a proof of concept to a complete functional prototype, prototyping is an instrumental part of our development process. Using COTS electronics, rapid software development methodologies, and 3D printing, Cardinal engineers have developed a wide range of prototype products and systems from shipboard to mobile phone applications. Whether commercial products or defense systems our engineers have effectively leveraged prototyping to reduce risk and deliver product the end user wants.