Systems Engineering

Decomposing the System

Systems engineering takes a holistic look at a problem and balances candidate solutions for each piece of the problem with real-world constraints; it is part science and part art, part process and part technical. It’s about providing a product that meets the needs of the user within the available budget and time. Systems engineering is about navigating the trade space and producing a product that meets the needs of all the stakeholders. Cardinal’s team brings an uncommon level of experience, and technical capability with a demonstrated history result. From working with the end user to understand the concept of operations, needed capabilities, and overall requirements to system functional decomposition, interface definition and design, we have a broad background in all aspects of systems engineering.

Our engineers apply technical expertise across a range of disciplines to help provide our customers navigate the complex trade space. From technology evaluation, performance modeling and analysis of alternatives we provide the technical insight, recommendations, and risk assessment to make the decisions that lead to success.