Technology that is borne of innovation breaks down paradigms and disrupts the same old way of doing business.


As more ships are designed and built, more equipment must be shock qualified. If you don’t have sufficient time or enough experts to make sure it’s being done properly, one way to get the job done is to make more experts. At Cardinal Engineering, we did just that by providing tools that embody our expertise to the equipment vendors to reduce the time and cost associated with successful qualification. The tool automates the determination of the qualification path for critical ship equipment, removing repetitive manual processes, and ultimately protecting the sailors who are protecting us.

woman in front of naval controls

Continuous Active Sonar

Gaining an edge over your opponent can require game-changing technology. Technology that is borne of innovation, that breaks down paradigms, and that disrupts the same old way of doing business. That is exactly what our engineers provided the Navy, with ground-breaking contributions conceptualizing, developing and implementing continuous active sonar technology. This revolutionary technology is another example of Cardinal engineers helping to write a new battleplan that gives our warfighters an unfair advantage.

Iris Biometrics

Biometric identification from your iris has been around for some time, but until recently the capture devices were slow, large, and expensive. Overcoming each of those challenges, Cardinal Engineers were a part of the team that transitioned this technology into the hands of 20+ million users.

illustration of biometric iris

Automated Pipe Foundation Shock Analysis

Performing shock analyses on unique US Navy (USN) foundation designs is an onerous and time-consuming affair requiring strict adherence to navy requirements. Experienced engineers capable of performing the shock analyses and applying proper modeling techniques are essential. Cardinal developed proprietary interface programs to automate modeling and post-processing, enabling our engineers to conduct and document rigorous analyses on over 1,000 unique pipe hanger foundations for a new USN combatant class, reducing design time by more than 80% to support impending ship delivery schedules.