Navy Programs

When you are in harm’s way, failure is not an option. At Cardinal we are committed to providing those that serve the most capable platforms and systems possible.


Team Submarine

The U.S. Navy’s submarine fleet is the envy of the world, and for the past 25 years, whether it’s a nuclear missile carrying “Boomer” or a fast-attack submarine, Cardinal Engineers have been on the job and working hard to ensure these stealthy war systems are built to survive.

From certifying pressure hull designs, to performing structural analysis, to overseeing the ruggedization and shock qualification of onboard equipment, Cardinal engineers are intimately involved – identifying vulnerabilities, developing solutions, and working hand-in-hand with the Navy to ensure U.S. Navy submarines maintain their technological superiority and competitive advantage.

Surface Fleet

Cardinal Engineering has been there to support the U.S. Navy as well as the nation’s shipyards to ensure the lethality and survivability of the Surface Fleet. Our team members have helped the Navy by conducting research in composite materials, manufacturing for new hull-forms, and informing state-of-the-art design methods of shipboard structures.

Our engineers have shaped shipboard power systems for the U.S. Navy for decades. From designing the low voltage distribution system on our most advanced surface combatant to assisting vendors and the government design, integrate, test and deliver new power and energy systems that will support advanced mission systems, Cardinal has the talent to tackle the job. Our engineers have helped solve system design challenges on advanced energy storage systems and are spearheading advanced virtual and physical emulation methods that will tie laboratories to the Fleet.  These capabilities will ensure that current and future shipboard power systems do more than just keep the lights on and afford our warfighters the tactical advantage necessary to protect our freedom.

Carriers and Large Deck Amphibious Assault Ships

Power projection relies on the ability of the United States to rapidly and effectively deploy domination at sea, in the air, and on land. The U.S. Navy’s aircraft carriers and large deck amphibious assault ships enable the United States to sustain battlespace dominance, and Cardinal Engineering’s experienced team enables the carrier and amphibious assault programs to remain on the leading edge of survivability, structures, and materials technology. Cardinal’s expertise supports the U.S. Navy’s In-Service Carriers Program during Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH) operations, as well as shipyards in the design and analysis of amphibious assault ships. Cardinal engineers are sought after as subject matter experts in the area of structural analysis, and as trusted team members on manufacturing and composite materials research projects, developing technologies that create strategic differentiators for our future fleet.

Tactical Systems and Processing

An essential element of meeting the mission resides in the performance of shipboard tactical systems. To better serve our Navy, the warfighter and their mission, we have expanded our team and capabilities to include expertise in a broad range of processing and system capabilities. The members of this Systems team have been part of Navy’s ASW and imaging communities for decades, working to provide critical capabilities to the Navy’s submarines and surface ships. Over that time, this team has provided enabling technologies for torpedo defense, imaging, and passive and active sonar systems. Cardinal’s technical depth, experience and track record of results will help ensure the U.S. Navy always has the advantage.

woman in front of naval controls