Ocean Energy Technology Development

In collaboration with technology developers, national laboratories, and the U.S. Government, Cardinal Engineering is working to create usable energy from oceanic, estuary, and riverine sources.  As the U.S. seeks to develop clean renewable energy sources, offshore wind and marine energy are beginning to show great promise.  Offshore wind is well established in Europe and is a potential contributor to the U.S. electricity generation mix.  Marine energy technologies are emerging worldwide and encompass a broad category of devices that convert energy from waves, tides, currents and thermal gradients to electricity.  Cardinal’s work with domestic and international partners enables us to advise and collaborate with the entire ocean energy sector, including government agencies, academia, national laboratories, technology developers, investors and end users.  With a strong background in supporting the U.S. Energy Department’s Wind and Water Power Program, we continue to work on international standards development and the creation of marine device design tools and methods.