U.S. Navy Electric Ships Office

Cardinal Engineering provides naval power and energy systems expertise to the Naval Sea System Command’s Electric Ships Office (PMS 320) within PEO Ships, for strategic evaluation of technology developments and transitions.  This effort includes providing programmatic and technical support to PMS 320’s portfolio of programs.  This support is focused on two key areas:

Systems Engineering

Cardinal Engineering is currently providing engineering services to the Electric Ships Office for the Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) Power Conversion Module (PCM) and the Hybrid Electric Drive programs for Surface Ship Applications.  Cardinal’s subject matter expertise in the areas of system integration, power distribution, conversion, power electronics and project management is assisting PMS 320 and the Navy to develop, test, integrate and deploy these state of the art power and propulsion system components.

International Technology Cooperation

Cardinal Engineering supports PMS 320 in technical data exchange related to shipboard power and propulsion systems under several international cooperative agreements.